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Friday, September 29 - Salon A (9:00 - 10:30 a.m.)

David Howells 2

David Howells
“The Accidental Photographer"
What does Prince Charles and a breaching humpback have in common? What happens when you can’t make a Prime Minister smile for a portrait? Screaming matches with your boss every day is standard operating procedure? Living in NYC and all your work evaporating with the Great Recession? How important is luck in a successful career in photography? (hint, very!).

Dave has the answers to these and many more questions in his presentation “The Accidental Photographer, insight's about surviving the chaotic and stressful world of the British media, moving countries, and a midlife career change into advertising”.

David Howells is a multi international award-winning photographer that has captured the lives of extraordinary people, and witnessed historic events, across North and South America. His client list reads like a Who’s Who of famous, influential, and noteworthy people, whom he has shared the unique experience of understanding and revealing their character. His insight into the lives of these very successful people, international experience, and his own professional challenges and triumphs, will resonate with any small business entrepreneur.
Dave graciously credits his great clients and supportive editors for the opportunities he has enjoyed; while acknowledging that he may be hired for his portrait and advertising work, but everyone seems to want to talk about his whale pictures. You can visit Mr. Howells impressive gallery at