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(Workshops are subject to change without notice.)

You will be able to choose from Workshops designed to help you grow your technical and business knowledge.

7 Surprisingly Simple Ways To Get More Business Now... Guaranteed!
Speaker:  Matt Smith

Demonstrate how to automate their business, marketing philosphies and how to grow their business by referral.

Claims - Common Complaints and Risk Solutions
Speaker: Kim Smith
We'll discuss the common complaints in the Industry. How to deal with your client if you receive a complaint or claim.
Claims process – Your obligation to the insurance company, and their obligation to you. Risk Solutions – Best practices in the Industry

Commercial Inspections - Make More Money With Less Hassle
Speaker:  Richard Weldon. P.Eng
How commercial inspections are different than residential.  What is the scope of work - ASTM2018 and learn how to quote fees, prepare proposals and work with consultants.

Inspecting to the CSA A770 Home Inspection Standard
Speaker: Graham Clarke, P.Eng
Understand the general requirements of the CSA Home Inspection Standard, Understand the diferences in the requirements of the CSA Standard compared to legacy CAHPI Standards and understand how to write A770 compliant inspection reports.

Heating - Melt Downs & Blow Ups
Speaker:  Blaine Swan
How to report, when to defer and how to handle complicated systems & situations.

How to Utilize Facebook Marketing to Grow Your Business
Speaker:  Sheldon Payne

We will focus on taking your Facebook strategy to the next level.  How do you build your network?  How do you create content people love and want to share?  How do you move your fans to become customers and brand advocates?  I'll answer all these questions and more.  By sharing my expertise and Facebook best practices, I'll teach you everythting I know about developing a content strategy and implementing tactics to connect with your customers online.

Indoor Mould Growth; a serious health hazard
Speaker:  Jane Eustace
What is mould, what are the health effects of exposure to mould and what are some useful presentation strategies.

Lets get buzzed, all the electrical you can handle
Speakers: Bryck Guibor & Blaine Swan
Learning core items to be an inspector, report writing skills and the ability to observe and report on defects from pictures of real world defects.

Old Home Defects for New Inspectors
Speaker:  Alden Gibson
Learn to take a closer look at older homes and report their finding to their client so they understand the magnitude of major situations. They will understand the ramifications of not disclosing major problems. They will learn how to report the concerns to their client.

Photographic Techniques & Image Annotations
Speaker:  Robert Miller
How to configure cameras for the best results in the challenging light of the inspection setting, photogrphic techniques and rules of thumb to deliver professional report imagery.  Going beyond arrow; using powerful image editors to quickly add illustrations to key photos.

Practical Tips To Avoid Claims
Speaker:  Mark Skorah
How to avoid being sued, what to do if there a threat of  a claim and what a law suit involves & how to prepare.

Property Inspection Intelligence
Speaker:  Howard Ryan 
Legal issues, standards, contract law

Radon: Regulation, Testing, Mitigation
Speaker:  Dr. Svetlana Barkanova
Radon is a colourless, odorless, radioactive gas which can accumulate to high levels in indoor air. Prolonged radon exposure is the leading cause of lung cancer among non-smokers, and it is estimated that there are about 3,200 lung cancer deaths in Canada each year related to radon. Fortunately, radon is beatable; once detected, the problem can be mitigated. This session will outline the physics of radon, regulations for Canada, testing methods, and several ways to lower the radon concentrations in homes.

Regulartory Consideration When Using UAVs
Speaker:  Justin Miller
Topics discussed will include SFOC requirements for the use of UAVs, the proposed regulations concerning UAVs and Transport Canada approval process for UAV users.

Report Writing - Expand Your Business! Reduce Your Liability!

Speaker:  John Kwasnik
Learn the importance of a good report and how it helps you expand your business, learn about the different styles of report writing and which style will suit you best and learn how to write a report that avoids common mistakes and reduces your liability.

Standards of Practice & Standard of Care; Not The Same Thing!
Speaker:  Michael Duffy
Gain a greater understanidng of negligence, learn the benefits of a standardized approach and appreciate the benefit of clearly stating your limitations.

Ol' Farts - War Stories - Photo Contest - Cash Bar
Submit a picture from a home inspection that you have performed, it can be anything that you found in or on a house, challenge the “Old Farts” to identify the subject or condition identified in the picture.  Send your submission to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with a description. We will prepare a slide presentation with the pictures and names, but without the text. The pictures and names will be viewed by the “Old Farts” during the final presentation of the conference, they will have one minute maximum to identify the subject.

A winner will be drawn from all submissions at the presentation.

The “Old Farts” are, in no particular order: Bill Sutherland, BC; Blaine Swan, late of NS, now from Ohio; Bryck Guibor, our American Old Fart from Arizona and
Mike Guihan, the token Newf.